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 BIO PET New Roots


Packaging from Bio-Pet – now available in Switzerland

Bio-Pet is a bio-thermoplastic based on renewable raw materials. Bio-PET is a chemically identical thermoplastic compared to conventional PET where 30% of its Monoethylenglykol (MEG) is plant-based produced instead of using fossil resources. The base for this bio-based MEG is ethanol manufactured from sugar canes, wood or other biomass. Bio-Pet is not biologically degradable but complete recyclability is easily achieved within the existing PET recycling streams. Characteristics and processing of Bio-PET remain unchanged compared to fully oil-based PET.
Stäger & Company is introducing thermoformed packaging transparent folding boxes manufactured out of Bio-PET. This is an opportunity, in particular, for manufacturers of sustainable and organic food products, to meet high level product claims which incorporate a product’s plastic packing. In this manner fossil fuels and global greenhouse gas emissions are minimized thus ensuring that the new organic packaging is compatible with the circular economy which will shape the future of packaging development throughout Europe in the next decade.

Now a material which in the past was only available to international consumer goods manufacturers is now available as transparent PET in Switzerland. Stäger offers its customers various products manufactured out of this material such as thermoformed cups, trays, clam packs and blisters and transparent folded boxes for our customer’s sustainable quality foods.

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