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Our most recent development demonstrates innovative packaging design for individualizing boxed products.

The customer required a banderole around a standard cup in order to prominently display all product and marketing information. In addition tamper-evidence safety and a spoon had to be integrated.

These demands were implemented by a banderole with punch-outs to fixate the spoon and special creases to insure a tamper-evidence safety packaged cup. The banderole, consisting of 85% recycled PET and printed with low migration color in offset, is slid manually over the cup. The transparent RPET banderole allows for a full view of the product content. This is a major advantage compared to banderole made out of cartons.

Due to the high sales success of the product we are currently working on economizing the packaging process for the customer. Our engineering department with proprietary machine construction competence is currently working on the automization of the banderole handling process. 

This example demonstrates perfectly that packaging design is a significant factor towards the success of an individual product. Stäger strongly focuses on product and process innovation to provide customers with an optimal design and construction and aims to shape and implement new trends.