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Stäger Inovac Packaging developed and produced a stackable transport tray for a fully automated production line of the temperature control panel of the Ford Fiesta model. This innovative component holder solution received the National AWARD 2018 in the category “Packaging for automotive industry” from the Czech Packaging Institute “OBALOVY INSTITUT SYBA”. The Jury justified the award with the extraordinary precision of the dimensioning and the innovative shape of the inner design. Both criteria are essential for a fast automated removal and subsequent placement of the parts by robots.

Stäger Inovac Packaging, since 2015 part of the Stäger Packaging Group, is an established thermoforming company that develops and manufactures vacuum-formed packaging solutions from plastics intended for the automotive, electro-technical and consumer industries. Among others the company produces with over 20 years of experiences component holders and transport trays for well-known national and international automotive suppliers. New production capacities in Pilsen allow an expansion of the existing business activities to include thermoformed thin-walled trays, inlays, blisters and clam packs as well as transparent and printed folded boxes and tubes for the confectionary/food, cosmetic, textile and technical industries. The management system is certified with ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000.

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 BIO PET New Roots


Packaging from Bio-Pet – now available in Switzerland

Bio-Pet is a bio-thermoplastic based on renewable raw materials. Bio-PET is a chemically identical thermoplastic compared to conventional PET where 30% of its Monoethylenglykol (MEG) is plant-based produced instead of using fossil resources. The base for this bio-based MEG is ethanol manufactured from sugar canes, wood or other biomass. Bio-Pet is not biologically degradable but complete recyclability is easily achieved within the existing PET recycling streams. Characteristics and processing of Bio-PET remain unchanged compared to fully oil-based PET.
Stäger & Company is introducing thermoformed packaging transparent folding boxes manufactured out of Bio-PET. This is an opportunity, in particular, for manufacturers of sustainable and organic food products, to meet high level product claims which incorporate a product’s plastic packing. In this manner fossil fuels and global greenhouse gas emissions are minimized thus ensuring that the new organic packaging is compatible with the circular economy which will shape the future of packaging development throughout Europe in the next decade.

Now a material which in the past was only available to international consumer goods manufacturers is now available as transparent PET in Switzerland. Stäger offers its customers various products manufactured out of this material such as thermoformed cups, trays, clam packs and blisters and transparent folded boxes for our customer’s sustainable quality foods.

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Victorinox aim was not to hide the special ella women’s perfume flacon by showing off the contents of the box. That is precisely the reason why a highly decorated transparent folding box with a thermoformed inlay, all made of recycled PET (RPET), was chosen. Stäger delivered the demanding packaging solution from development through to production – all from one source.

The product’s implementation created a significant challenge which Stäger met utilizing its proven know-how and innovative skills. The packaging is suggestive of integrating a mirror in the perfume flacon. The mirror effect was achieved by applying a silver hot foil stamping on the inner side. The sides of the packaging box have a translucent printing and the back is finished with saturated color tones. The lettering ella on the front cover corresponds exactly with the one on the purple bottle. A perfectly custom fitting inlay out of thermoformed RPET holds the perfume flacon accurately in position. 

Victorinox ella’s perfume flacon was awarded with the Swiss Packaging Prize 2015. Internally at Stäger we have also awarded the Victorinox flacon our highest ranking the Stäger Star because we are so convinced of this product’s value and high quality of design.

Stäger aims to continue using its know-how in creating success stories of innovative packaging solutions for its customers. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of packaging trends.   

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Our most recent development demonstrates innovative packaging design for individualizing boxed products.

The customer required a banderole around a standard cup in order to prominently display all product and marketing information. In addition tamper-evidence safety and a spoon had to be integrated.

These demands were implemented by a banderole with punch-outs to fixate the spoon and special creases to insure a tamper-evidence safety packaged cup. The banderole, consisting of 85% recycled PET and printed with low migration color in offset, is slid manually over the cup. The transparent RPET banderole allows for a full view of the product content. This is a major advantage compared to banderole made out of cartons.

Due to the high sales success of the product we are currently working on economizing the packaging process for the customer. Our engineering department with proprietary machine construction competence is currently working on the automization of the banderole handling process. 

This example demonstrates perfectly that packaging design is a significant factor towards the success of an individual product. Stäger strongly focuses on product and process innovation to provide customers with an optimal design and construction and aims to shape and implement new trends.