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Transparent folding boxes precisely meet consumer's information needs and attract attention through multi faceted presentation and varied design possibilities.

Our folding boxes are constructed in numerous rectangular, square or cone shapes with an exact fit. Dimensions are dependent on the solid mass measurements and run from 3 cm to over 100 cm mainly in PET and PP in 0.2 mm - 0.8 mm thicknesses. Various closures can be produced with closing flaps and claws as well as tamper resistant security closures through a tear-off perforation. Multiple folding bottom constructions and carrying handle variations are utilized. Our cushion packaging allows two-sided filling and closures made with thermoformed or injection moulded lids and with automatic folding floors.

Creasing determines not only looks and structural strength but also significantly influences the automated erection and filling process. Stäger possesses unique creasing know-how with conventional, heated and radio frequency processes, partly patented.

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