packaging without limits

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The dual package made with a clear lid and baseout of carton or clear foil offers full view of the packaged product. The delivery of a pre built product reduces set up time and cost in the filling process by omitting the erection step.

In contrast to the traditional construction of lids & basesStägerdoes notutilize glue. With the exception of special order sizes all four corners are welded by the use of ultrasound. This production process offers tightly defined tolerances with odour and colour free connections. Our lids & bases are also ideal for confectionery and food and are available in lengths ranging from 9 mm to 70 mm and also in cone shapes.

Stäger develops and manufactures production machines in its own engineering department. This allows machine adaptations to the various dimension and construction requirements of the lids and bases. This guarantees an optimal production process as well as a flexible and cost effective manufacturing.

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