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Packaging offers much more than just protection. It also acts as a communication tool and brand promoter. Packaging design is therefore a significant factor towards the success of an individual product. Stäger strongly focuses on product and process innovation to provide customers with an optimal design and construction as well as to shape and implement new trends.

Stäger has demonstrated its ability to continuously implement innovation of high quality combination packaging of foldable boxes and tubes made out of transparent plastic and carton. The "hybrid package", an alternative to the traditional wrapped cardboard tube, is our most recent new product development and has already obtained great response.

Stäger has received numerous awards for outstanding innovations. Some of the recent distinctions include the Green Packaging Award 2012 for the most environment friendly product with an extraordinary recycled PET construction and UK Packaging Awards 2009 und 2012 as well as the Starpack Innovation Award 2013.

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