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Thermoplastic film and foil packaging solutions provide a distinctive advantage in terms of weight and energy efficiency compared to traditional materials such as carton and glass. In addition, they provide a significant contribution to the recycling chain.

Wherever possible we utilize raw material with differing proportions of post consumer waste. The energy expenditure for example, of a recyclable PET foil with 80% post consumer waste is reduced by 1/3 compared to a virgin PET foil. Even a RPET foil with 50% post consumer waste contributes a more positive total energy consumption compared to carton. In addition, our production waste is carefully sorted by material type and quality and reused.

Stäger has extensive experience in the area of availability, characteristics and potential applications for biodegradable and renewable foil material. As one of the first providers we succeeded in the application of foils made out of cornstarch and possess the necessary production facilities and equipment for this demanding process.